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logo Location:  Sarasota FL
Control #:  110995N

Ha! Here's an anomaly for you: Our newspaper is really old 112 years old. But unlike many papers in our industry today, our paper is far from dying. In fact, it's growing! And it's kicking "b."

To take it to the next levels (not one level up, multiple levels up because THE OPPORTUNITY IS THERE!), we'd like to have a publisher whose DNA is all about generating new and more revenue be it in print, digital, subscriptions and events. That DNA should also include an infectiously positive, happy and optimistic disposition; a love of the importance of newspapers in a community; a passion to succeed; a passion to work and have fun while doing it; the personality and smarts to lead a team to the top of a mountain; and for good measure, a good business mind. The paper? Jacksonville, Fla., Daily Record ( Pay and benefits: Depends on the individual; better than you might think.

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EOE. Posted 11/8/23.

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