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Scenic Production Manager

logo Location:  Madison WI
Control #:  110986T

PBS Wisconsin's Scenic Production Manager coordinates scenic-related projects from design to installation, and manages the scene shop for safety and efficiency. This role collaborates with set designers, lighting designers, graphic designers, producers, and production staff to realize scenic-related production goals.

This hands-on role leads and contributes to the construction, fabrication, and maintenance of scenery, furniture, and props for media productions and events. Projects include studio sets, remote location sets, and exposition environments. In addition to the production responsibilities, occasional set design opportunities will be available and assigned.

PBS Wisconsin believes it is critical to bring new and diverse viewpoints and perspectives into our team. We are committed to expanding the perspectives on our teams through equitable, unbiased hiring processes, flexible hybrid work environments, and ongoing, open conversations and evaluations of inclusivity in our content and workplace.

Please note the job responsibilities listed below are for television production work and NOT theatrical production work. Candidates with theater production experience are encouraged to apply.

Responsibilities: Directs the set up and maintenance of technical and operational equipment for theater performances to ensure high quality theater production and department sustainability. Provides technical instruction, develops and implements safety policy, and may develop program budgets, and/or train and supervise stage crews (professional and/or students).

  • 25% Directs the planning, staffing, and execution of technical production and theatrical operations before and during performances
  • 5% Instructs students in the preparation, construction, and operation of performance art productions, systems and equipment
  • 20% Inspects, maintains, and repairs equipment to ensure optimal and safe operation
  • 15% Cleans and maintains organization of theater and technical production equipment
  • 15% Develops and directs implementation of operating policies and procedures with health and safety regulations, institutional policies, and unit objectives
  • 20% Apply a design/build method to small-medium scaled projects with the responsibility of designer, production manager, and carpenter.

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    EOE. Posted 10/28/23.

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