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Sell Radio Advertising from your Sofa!

logo Location:  Remote Opportunity FL
Control #:  110497R

If you can sell radio advertising, you can do it from anywhere. Represent our 5 radio stations in South Florida. No relocation necessary.

The past year has changed how we do business with customers. While face to face is ideal, we have found you can effectively close business by phone, virtual meetings, and email.

There are thousands of local direct businesses to call in our market and we pay high commissions.

Only apply if:

  • You have successfully sold radio advertising in the past
  • You are driven and can work from home
  • You are not afraid to pick up the phone (sounds crazy but it is the #1 reason for not being successful)
  • You want to make money
  • Working from home sounds appealing
  • Your forte is local direct businesses

    Send you resume to plus three compelling reasons why you are a good fit for this position. EOE. Posted 4/27/21.

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