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Words that Score On a Resume

By Marshall Loeb

When you are searching for a new job, a successful résumé is your first hurdle to employment. The way you present yourself and your skills via your résumé can open the doors to a better variety of interviews.

No matter the industry, every employer is looking for candidates with a specific set of abilities and experiences, which are most often described in the job listing. Listings in management, for example, usually include the words "manage," "leadership," "teamwork" and "motivate." Writing or editing positions might include words such as "creativity," "accuracy" and "deadline." And anything in the technology field, such as Web or graphic design or database management, will absolutely have the specific names of software required on the job.

Your résumé should include these same words, which can keep you on top of the pile of applications.

To customize your résumé for a particular job, examine the job listing for key words and phrases. Then insert those words where applicable in your résumé. But don't overdo it, and never pad your résumé with experience you don't have.

If you're making a major career switch or lack some of the employer's preferred experience, insert a statement of your career objective at the top of your résumé. This statement should be a brief description of your primary career goal. Include some key words here, and tell the employer how you want to use your experience and skills to benefit your new career path.

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Article from CareerJournal Today – July 2005