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Is Your High Price Tag Scaring Off Employers?

By Deb Koen

Question: My area of specialization was hard hit in the economic downturn, and I have been laid off twice in two years. I am looking to take my career in a different direction but can't get my foot in the door; everyone is scared off because I am a CPA with 13 years of experience. I understand that to learn something new I will need to start at a lower level -- but how can I convince employers that I am willing to make such a sacrifice?

-- Ellen, New York City

Ellen: Demonstrate that you are shifting careers by design, not by default. The greatest concern employers have about career-changing, overqualified candidates is that they are simply biding their time and will flee at the first opportunity. Use a three-pronged approach to address employers' concerns and convince them that you are worth the risk.

From CareerJournal November 2004