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Director - Business Development Digital

logo Location:  Remote/Pensacola FL Preferred 
Control #:  110455MG

BioNews Employee Value Proposition: Be part of a special organization whose passion and culture are all about its patients. Contribute to helping our patient communities have a better quality of life. Learn about healthcare. Learn about rare diseases. Learn about publishing. Learn about research. Grow personally and professionally through direct engagement in how we deliver our services. Bring your passion to advocate for those living with rare diseases. Help spread awareness about the daily challenges that most will never have to face. We “live our culture”. Join us and make a difference. Work remote in most circumstances. We are very proud of the fact that we employ actual rare disease patients who contribute to our business.

Who is BioNews

BioNews Services is a leading online health, science, publication, and research company that exists for one purpose: to serve the patient living with a rare disease. We do this by connecting them with current, trusted, and relevant news and information. This content is delivered regularly and provided by actual patients as well as professional journalists, writers, editors, scientists, and experienced media executives. Our end customers are truly patients living with rare diseases.

Our Company Culture: BioNews has a professionally led culture that is based on our foundation to support individuals affected by rare diseases. This means we operate as a professional organization that includes a real-life Vision, Mission, and Values. We treat our associates as professional individuals. In a professional environment, we understand and believe our actions are better when done professionally through processes that include communications, strategic planning, business planning, organization development, leadership development, learning and development, performance management, and other human resources processes. We practice consultative management and value collaboration and firmly believe that "none of us is as good as all of us.

BioNews Vision: Be the preeminent, leading-edge resource and provider of education and actionable information to help improve the health and quality of life for individuals affected by rare diseases.

BioNews Purpose: Provide individuals affected by rare diseases access to highly engaged, interactive information and communities that help improve their health and quality of life.


    Characteristics of people we’d like to be part of our team

  • Passionate about our culture. Engaging. Flexible. Interested in learning. Wants to be part of a growing, learning organization.

    We are currently looking for a Regular, Full time employee for the role of Director of Digital Sales in our Digital business line. The primary accountability of the Director of Digital Sales is to oversee all sales for our Digital content platform that consists of client advertising, sponsorships, content syndication, and other sales opportunities. The director will collaborate with content management and digital media operations as well as other functions within the company. This is an integral position within a fast-paced business. It requires self-motivation, high problem solving and strategic thinking, enthusiasm, flexibility, leadership, and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively. This role also requires an analytical and logical thinker with the conviction to meet problems head-on and solve them creatively, accurately, and quickly.

    Position Summary: The primary accountability of the Director of Business Development Digital is to oversee all sales for our Digital content platform that consists of client advertising, sponsorships, content syndication, and other sales opportunities in order to sustain and grow a strong profitable book of business. The director will collaborate with the sr. director of strategy, content management and digital media operations as well as other functions within the company.

    The role entails a knowledge of professionalized sales and account management processes, as well as the ability to explore and identify new revenue opportunities and implement growth strategies for the purposes of increasing revenue, and leveraging leadership skills to help other sales team grow and develop.

    Location: This position can be remote, but preferred to relocate to Pensacola.

    Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Oversee all business development opportunities, including responses to capabilities inquiries, RFPs and sales renewals from current customers.
  • Develop and recommend new business processes for handling all sales requests, generating sales opportunities with a dedicated, sales team, and a mechanism for transferring advertising clients to an account management component with strategic oversight into their work and function.
  • Develop a host of new and effective sales strategies that maximize outreach and revenue generating potential for all of BioNews’ opportunities and advertising products.
  • Represent the company's products to clients, partners and other relevant third parties, including presentations and demonstrations of capabilities and solutions, PR activities
  • Develop high-level sales opportunities with healthcare media agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and other potential clients.
  • Partake in high-level sales and account management discussions as needed and develop high-level strategic relationships with media agency and marketing directors.
  • Represent BioNews in a sales capacity at a select number of key conferences per year and seek to establish new sales opportunities.
  • Establish a healthy, productive and evolving culture within the sales department.

    Human Resources:

  • Organize the function with the appropriate quality and quantity of people to ensure all performance expectations are achieved
  • Recruit, develop, manage, retain and scale the team
  • Support and perpetuate the Company’s culture and HR processes
  • Planning – Participate and support the Company’s planning processes

    Education Required:

  • BA/BS Degree in business or marketing Education Preferred:
  • BS degree in Marketing

    Experience Required:

  • Strong understanding of sales and marketing strategies with proven ability to build and lead all facets of a sales function.
  • Proven success with building and leading commercial operations
  • Experience with innovative go-to market models
  • Evidence of leading an organization through rapid growth
  • Successful record of at least 5+ years and sales performance attainment in sales management and sales in the healthcare industry, preferably, digital advertising that can be substantiated
  • 5+ years’ healthcare industry
  • 5+ years’ in digital publishing industry
  • 5+ years’ selling to the pharmaceutical industry
  • 2+ years’ selling to ad agencies in the healthcare industry
  • 5+ years’ sales management

    Experience Preferred:

  • Minimum of 1-year experience in rare diseases
  • Small company

    Knowledge Required:

  • Publishing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Proficient sales processes

    Skills Required:

  • Key Performance Indicator management
  • Excellent customer service
  • Excellent follow-up and follow-through
  • Negotiation
  • Communications (oral, written)
  • Organization
  • Interpersonal
  • Math
  • MS Office (Excel, Word, PP, Outlook) Proficient
  • Google Apps

    Skills Preferred:

  • Pipedrive CRM

    Abilities Required:

  • Flexible
  • Open Minded
  • Ability to execute and measure multifaceted campaigns and day-to-day communications initiatives
  • Poise and calm under pressure and a desire to immerse yourself in a client's business to become a true partner
  • Ability to work with senior leadership team to identify new business opportunities and lead new business processes

    Relocation provided:

  • Relocation assistance may be available, if needed

    To apply go to

    EOE. Posted 12/10/20.

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