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Radio Engineer

Location:  Stations Located In Rocky Mountains 
Control #:  109909R

Do you live and breathe radio? Are you tired of working for big corporations? If you're the type of person who loves to sit at a desk or in board meetings all day, then please read no further. But, if you love projects and getting out the soldering iron and wire strippers, you've already passed the pre-qualification test!

We're looking for someone with not only strong engineering and IT skills, but creative thinking as well. This job is not a walk in the park, and is not for the light of heart. You would be responsible for the technical needs of several AM & FM radio stations across a relatively wide geographic area. We'll take a moment to answer some of your basic questions up front:

  • No, these are not pristine, brand new facilities.
  • Yes, there is ample room for improvement.
  • Yes, we are always open to your ideas and guidance on how to make these facilities more reliable.
  • Yes, we do spend money...within reason of course.
  • Yes, you will be involved in planning and executing large technical projects.
  • Yes, we have facilities that are in remote locations with sometimes challenging access.
  • Yes, you will be on call 24/7.

    This is an opportunity to be a true radio engineer. Coming up with solutions to sometimes complex technical problems will be part of your day to day. You will interact directly with station management and ownership...not with a board of directors. You will carry a toolbox, not a briefcase. can truly make a difference to a growing group of independently owned radio stations in the Rocky Mountain West!

    If you've read to this point and are interested in getting back to what Radio Engineering is all about, send us an email with your resume to right away!!

    EOE. Posted 4/2/18

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